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Sky burial is a ritual that has great religious meaning. the first time i saw this was in kundun, and i’ve always thought it was beautiful. Press J to jump to the feed. Spam me with all the information and memes and inside jokes that I need. Press J to jump to the feed. He gets sent into Tibet with the People's Liberation Army. I was in Tibet in 2015, our tour guide told us about this type of burial, and that vultures were widely respected by the buddhists there because they never killed their prey. The whole hill was dedicated just to the burials, and the ceremonial spot, hair-pole, and fenced in clothing repositories, not to mention the scattered bones, took up some space. I’m getting sucked into Avatar the more I listen to the new album. A sky burial site in Yerpa Valley, Tibet ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) The Tibetan Belief . The bodies are left on special outdoor podiums, known as dakhmas, where they dry in the sun. Excavated Bones is one of several types of Artifacts and it is a reward for interacting with Ancient Bones found at Natural Burial Site‎‎s. I get what you're saying, but this is literally the point of a sky burial. This is because there's a prevelant superstition against wearing or even using anything once possessed by someone who is now dead, due to potential hauntings. cemeteries full of bodies/coffins/headstones/etc. Sky burial is a ritual that has great religious meaning. Sky burial is mainly common among the Vajrayana Buddhists. Via Reddit/Imgur: “Tibetan sky burial. Talk about powerful. Sky Burial is an extraordinary story about a Chinese woman, Shu Wen, who travels to Tibet to find her husband. Came here to mention this. The rationale for Gaian Sky Burial is that cremation requires chopping down trees for wood, which harms Mother Nature/Gaia, while burying the dead would potentially pollute the water supply and soil. The Buddhist tradition of a sustainable burial method symbolizes the transience of life. There was a stone slab which looked like an altar, although the likeness is coincidental as it does not serve such a purpose (it's just easier to cut stuff on a hard, rock surface than on grass). It helps with forensic research, and I think there are about 6 of them in total across the nation. A sky burial is a burial tradition where a body is left out in the elements to naturally decompose. When I living in Tibet I visited a popular hill for sky burials. The u/sky_burial community on Reddit. With Burials production and Sampha voice, I think they could make a pretty good track or two. Their bodies are then eaten by wild dogs which are common in the area. Eco friendly, cheap and takes no space. You can specifically request to be left out with certain clothing on or items around, and there are different methods that you can decompose. ), some space is taken up. Disturbing the body unnecessarily after death is considered a desecration. The ceremonies have recently begun to attract tourists, who take photographs and videos of these burials. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Leaving a corpse out causes wildlife to come scavenge. Now I’m not saying there’s anything on the way. With your death, another's life is extended. As is common for sky burial locations, there was a a dedicated place at the top of the hill were the lama does the ceremony and dismembers the body. Sky Burial: The ritual. Alas, from what I’ve read/seen, the rates of depression and alcoholism among the folks tasked with the dismemberment is pretty high. Looks like most/all of the tissue is consumed - bones will slowly decay through a variety of processes as various things get at the marrow inside, and the resulting bone meal will serve as … The ceremonies have recently begun to attract tourists, who take photographs […] Done. They believe that the corpse is nothing more than an empty vessel. The Drigung Tibetan monastery, home to one of the last sky burial sites still in use. It … There were bones scattered on the hill which are left untouched (although some ceremons end with the bones being collected and burned).

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